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How can the NCPHWR help me?

  • Providing NHS and Social Care organisations with the evidence to improve their services
  • Providing government and policymakers with evidence to create more effective policies
  • Increasing the amount of research being done on population health & wellbeing in Wales

Our Research

The NCPHWR has been created to increase to amount of research done in Wales on:

  • Improving Public Health
  • Using Information Technology to improve people's health
  • Studying the patterns, causes and effects of ill-health and diseases

Executive Board

The Executive Board is responsible for developing and implementing NCPHWR’s strategy, policy and programme of action.

Our Researchers

The NCPHWR brings together over 75 researchers from across Wales, the UK and around the world.

About us

Bringing together academia, the NHS and the third sector in Wales to carry out and increase the amount of research being done to improve the health and wellbeing of the people of Wales.

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Health and Care Research Wales' video 'What is Research?'


Research is helping to keep us extraordinary. To find out how you can get involved in health and social care research, talk to your doctor, nurse or care provider today or visit www.healthandcareresearch.gov.wales/extraordinary

Blog- Starting a Podcast Series


Our Knowledge Exchange Officer, Helen, shares her experience of working on a new podcast series with Public Health Network Cymru

PhD Social Care Studentship Award 2017


The Wales School for Social Care Research (WSSCR) is offering PhD Studentship Awards for social care research. The WSSCR Social Care Studentship Award funds talented individuals to undertake high-quality research and study leading to the qualification of PhD.

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